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Every Little Thing You Need for a Luxe Staycation

Maybe you love to travel. Or maybe you’re one of those people who love to be at home. For those in the latter camp, we’ve pulled together everything you need for the perfect staycation. From soft linen bedding to a skin-nourishing beauty mask to our new favorite binges, here are your 2017 holistay essentials.

staycation Matteo bedding

Matteo Linen Bedding

Set the stage for rest and relaxation with airy linen bedding. (We bet you’re already craving the feeling of crisp new sheets.) Available at, $32-$608.

staycation sleep mask

Silk Eye Mask

Start with a long nap right in the middle of the day. The gentle weight of silk eases eye stress while blocking light — and you’ll look like a movie star. Available at, $45.

staycation Grace and Frankie netflix

Grace and Frankie

Once you wake, what will you do? If you haven’t already seen Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin’s Golden Globe-nominated dramedy about two women in their 70s who’ve been left by their husbands who then married each other, you’re in for a treat that’s 39 episodes deep. Available at, with a subscription.

staycation joan didion book

South and West

If you’d rather read, please let us suggest Joan Didion’s newest, which explores fascinating characters and immeasurable differences recorded during trips across the American South and West. It’s a compilation of interview notes, essays, and stories from notebooks she kept in the 1970s. Available at, $11.

staycation yoga kitchen cookbook

The Yoga Kitchen

When you finally do get out of bed, you’ll need to eat. Stock up ahead of time on farmers market fare so you can try your hand at a few new vegetarian recipes, like velvety white bean risotto or sweet potato scones. Available at, $25.

staycation DKNY robe

DKNY Soft Knit Bathrobe

You should have no qualms about eating in your bathrobe — especially when it’s as stylish and comfy as this one. Available at, $88.

staycation Jeffrey Campbell Slides

Jova-Pom Slides

Pair that bathrobe with platform slides and you can even wander out to the backyard or mailbox. Who cares what the neighbors think? Similar style available at, $30.

staycation candle

Maison la Bougie Scented Candle

After all that exertion you’ll probably need to pamper a bit. First, light a candle. But not just any candle — one that smells like cactus tuberose. (No real therapeutic reason: We just like it.) Available at, $60.

staycation Beoplay

Beoplay A1

Then choose a playlist that suits the mood and listen over a sleek, elegantly engineered portable speaker. Available at, $249.

staycation osea

Osea Red Algae Mask

Finally, the finishing touch on this luxe staycation package: A gently purifying and hydrating face mask filled with organic algae, thyme, juniper, and tea tree essential oils. You’ll look as rested as you feel. Available at, $48.

Photos: Woman in the window, Kupicoo; all others courtesy of the companies

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