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Site Spotlights Women Currently Underrepresented in Today’s Media & Will Become Voice of a New Generation of Women Over 45 Who Embrace Their Beauty, Bodies & Age, Unlike Their Mothers or Grandmothers

Led by Entrepreneur Sue Cowie & Former DailyCandy Editor Allison Hatfield, Content Targets the DailyCandy Girl Now in Her 40s Looking for Her Place on the Web

Los Angeles (October 27, 2021) — Today, The Fine Line (, a new digital magazine for women 45 years and older, launched with a mission to serve as the voice of a new generation of women who embrace their beauty, bodies, and age. The site will spotlight women underrepresented in today’s current media and marketing messaging; women over 45 who are fit, fashionable, dynamic, and powerful in their lives. Modern and sophisticated in appearance, content, discussions, and video, the site will create a meaningful dialogue around topics and issues that are real and relatable to today’s active, confident, and strong woman over 45.

“There is a major void related to content, voices, and even images of women in their forties, fifties, and sixties, and a large audience is underserved because of this,” said Sue Cowie, L.A.-based entrepreneur and founder of The Fine Line. “For decades, content for women in the 45-plus demographic has focused on physical dysfunction, fashion and beauty don’ts, and retirement. That content doesn’t speak to a large portion of women in this age range. Today we feel better, eat better, and live better than ever before; The Fine Line will begin an empowering dialogue that will reframe the way we see women in this age group. We are beautiful, powerful, and have important points of view.”

The Fine Line’s content will focus on five key verticals: Wellness, Fitness, Beauty, Style, and Living. The site will also showcase personal essays — frank discussions of taboo topics. Dubbed #RealTalk, this featured section will include stories like “I Am the Invisible Woman. Hear Me Roar” and “I used to stop traffic in my 20s, and at 46 I was nearly just hit by a car” in text and video formats. This pointed editorial, combined with a sleek and clean design, will be a refreshing new voice that invites women to live their very best now and in the years ahead.

As a fit, strong, stylish, and confident woman in her late fifties, Sue Cowie, entrepreneur, designer, and former owner of Colcha, a luxe home design store in Los Angeles, realized that there wasn’t a publication she could turn to for relevant and relatable conversation that spoke to her and her likeminded friends. She set out to launch The Fine Line in early 2015. Cowie hired DailyCandy editorial veteran Allison Hatfield to spearhead editorial content and strategy as the site’s editor-in-chief; Meredith Howard, former DailyCandy VP of communications, has been tapped to lead the site’s marketing and public relations initiatives.

“This is a new moment in time for this age group,” said Allison Hatfield, editor-in-chief of The Fine Line. “Women now entering their forties have had fantastic content at their fingertips for years, and today, as we enter a new lifestage, we expect the same great level of content. We have a younger mindset than any generation before; that’s why the launch of The Fine Line is so important.”

In addition to offering new and different content for this demographic, The Fine Line is also working to change the way advertisers spend against this target, encouraging them to allocate budget and resources to reach 45-plus women in ways that reflect the way they see themselves. The baby boomer generation is still the largest in the U.S. (42% of the total population) and 47% of that target (24.8 million people) make over $100,000 a year. (In contrast, only 31% or 16.6 million of Gen Yers make over $100,000/year.).

“Women over 45 years of age today have a fresh new perspective and POV on life; they are open to trying new things, new brands, new everything,” said Sue Cowie. “When you combine that new mindset with their spending power, this demographic represents a huge new market opportunity for brands who want to build loyalty and trust with this niche group of women.”

The site will partner with select likeminded brands and advertisers who want to reach this audience with impactful and empowering messaging. Advertising opportunities will include seamlessly integrated native content that lives alongside the site’s editorial, advertorials and integrated video content.

About The Fine Line

The Fine Line Mag ( is a health, wellness + style digital magazine for women in their mid- forties, fifties, sixties and older. With cutting-edge wellness and fitness guidance and practical but polished beauty, fashion, and lifestyle resources, The Fine Line is a place for women over 45 to celebrate the wisdom that health and happiness come from knowing who you are and where you’re going.

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