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Feast on These Instagram Accounts

Instagram is good for spying a lot of things: the world’s funniest bunnyFashion Week, your yoga idol standing on one hand while wearing a dress and heels.

One of our favorite pastimes is double-tapping pretty photos of food. But we’re not just helping the accounts we follow rack up likes, we’re also gleaning inspiration for healthy eating.

A look at our foodie favorites reveals tons of berries, truckloads of avocados, rivers of smoothies, and the occasional irresistible treat (or three). Have a look. If you’re not hungry now, you will be when you’re done.

Ellie Bullen

Take your pick 🤔 #elsaswholesomelife

A post shared by E L L I E ⋆ B U L L E N (@elsas_wholesomelife) on

Meet: She’s a nutrition guru and cookbook author who lives in Australia — and she makes the most beautiful food we have ever seen.
Eat: A rainbow of rice paper rolls; raw matcha, lime, and vanilla cupcakes; black bean spaghetti with fire-roasted tomatoes.

Carina Wolff

Salad so big you can’t see the bowl: Baby Kale Crunch Salad with Tuna and Red Wine Vinaigrette. Topped the kale off with cucumber slices, cherry tomatoes, watermelon radish, tuna, @baresnacks sea salt carrot chips, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, olive oil, and red wine vinegar.

A post shared by Carina Wolff (@kalememaybe) on

Meet: As the name of her account suggests, the California-based journalist loves kale. She loves other stuff, too.
Eat: Beet, mushroom, and lentil burger; coconut curry zoodles; chocolate-coffee-banana smoothie.

Jeanine Donofri

(#AD) This chilled Green Cucumber Tomatillo Gazpacho is everything I want to eat on a hot summer night! It’s spicy, creamy, tangy, and SO delicious loaded up with sliced tomatoes, diced cucumber, corn, herbs, and generous drizzles of Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain #sponsored by @oliveoilsspain. 💚💚💚💚 Recipe link in profile. #tastethetruth #MediterraneanDiet #oliveleaks #EVOO #Spain #OliveOilSpain

A post shared by Jeanine Donofrio / Love&Lemons (@loveandlemons) on

Meet: She makes whatever the season brings beautiful and delicious. With photo help from her husband, Jack, she shares her mouthwatering, plant-based recipes from her Texas kitchen.
Eat: Red curry lemongrass soup; almond butter oatmeal bites; cauliflower steak with romesco sauce.

Marie Nichols

When your Man buys you fancy jewellery and flowers for valentines…"aww thanks babe 😏" : When your Man buys you food for valentines…"OMFG YASSS!! You da best, you da best!!!😆 Take your clothes off cuz your mine just as soon as I've eaten all this Foooood😜" : TRUE 🙌🏻😂. : Happy Monday guys! Yesterday my man brought me a big box of reduced bananas home and I couldn't have been more chuffed!😃 Yep the little things make this girl happy😁. These Marie style banana splits are so easy to make for a quick snack or breakfast. I just slathered half in melted chocolate and the other half in cashew butter and sprinkled them with coconut, walnuts, and homemade "rawnola" which I'm in love with right now as it's so quick and easy to make with no gloopy sweetener and no baking needed😁. : Rawnola recipe 1/2 cup rolled oats 1/4 cup of puffed buckwheat 10 soft dried apricots or medjool dates 1/4 cup of coconut shreds 1/4 cup of cashew nuts 2 tbs sunflower seeds 1 tsp cinnamon Add all ingredients to a food processor and pulse only a few times until you have a sticky but loose crumble. Anymore than that will be too much so go slow! Once you've got the consistency just right keep in a container in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. This makes the perfect addition to smoothies, nice creams and just on its own with ice cold coconut milk👌

A post shared by Rie (@papaya_sunshine) on

Meet: This UK gal does not kid around when it comes to using chocolate. Thing is, all her plant-based recipes are loaded with nutrition (true story!).
Eat: Chocolate quinoa crispie bars; chocolate maca shake; chocolate pecan muffins with chocolate cashew frosting.

@Lucy Parker

Who would like an easy / minimal effort recipe to whip up for lunch tomorrow? . Here you go! 🌱 . •Gently fry (vegan) quorn in a pan with 1 tsp of turmeric and a sprinkle of sesame seeds •Add a dollop of vegan mayo & sriracha to a whole meal wrap and spread •layer up with curly lettuce, sliced red pepper, sliced cucumber, red onion, carrot and a handful of cress •add the quorn and roll that wrap 💃🏼 •stack them up and pack them up ready for lunch tomorrow. 🌱 . I’ve added a new dessert to my blog – check my insta stories for the ridiculous easy recipe!

A post shared by Lucy 💛 (@lucy_and_lentils) on

Meet: Another UK beauty (we don’t know if she’s pals with Marie Nichols or not) who is wowing the Internet with her healthy, beautiful food.
Eat: Pesto spaghetti with broccoli and peas; chickpea and spinach burger; dark chocolate matcha cups.

@Sarah Gim

one avocado heart beet toast for me…and one avocado heart beet toast… also for me 😍 god my greedy little avocado hoarding self loves valentine's day 🥑💖💚🌸 . made avocado heart toasts with roasted beet hummus for @livestrong_com … on VIDEO! 😳 check out the link on @livestrong_com's page . . .

A post shared by Sarah (@thedelicious) on

Meet: The TasteSpotting founder lives in Los Angeles, where she “eats beauty every day.” Her Instagram certainly proves it.
Eat: Waffle breakfast nachos; green goddess grilled cheese sandwich; kimchi deviled eggs.

Lily Kunin

Some blueberry chia popsicles very necessary for the long weekend! Thx @thechalkboardmag for sharing this recipe + the beet berry detox pop from the #CFDCcookbook 🍭🎉😘

A post shared by Lily Kunin (@cleanfooddirtycity) on

Meet: She’s a health coach in New York City, and she knows a thing or two about cooking well and eating right.
Eat: Cauliflower steak tacos with chimichurri; cocoa superfood granola; sweet potato noodles with kale pesto.

Shelly Westerhausen

Have you made the caprese spread from #plattersandboards yet? If not, what are you waiting for? 🍅🍅🍅

A post shared by Shelly Westerhausen (@vegetarianventures) on

Meet: The Food & Wine contributor and one of the founders of Driftless Magazine woos with seasonal recipes both sweet and savory.
Eat: Chickpea fajita pitas; curried veggie fritters with coconut quinoa; sautéed pears with maple ice cream.

Anett Velsberg

* Left or right? 💕 The recipe for my favourite chia parfaits is on the app – link in bio ✨

A post shared by Anett Velsberg-Tiedemann (@anettvelsberg) on

Meet: A recipe developer and travel fiend, she has the food photography and styling skills to make us swoon. She also has an app with more than 200 healthy, beautiful vegan recipes.
Eat: Chia oat porridge with mashed blackberries and roasted figs; rooibos and pear galette; spaghetti squash and quinoa waffles.

Jenné Claiborne

I just love it when I make a hella tasty and filling meal with just 5 ingredients 💅🏾 Get your booty over to my new video and blog post (🔗 in bio) if you want to be a vegan kitchen ninja too!! And don’t miss the discount codes from @iherb under the video 🤑🤑🤑 Oh, and this my friend is the Indonesian Chickpea & Cauliflower Stuffed Sweet Potatoes topped with crispy shallots. Yeah, just 5 ingredient 😁 #ad

A post shared by Jenné Claiborne (@sweetpotatosoul) on

Meet: The vegan chef with Southern roots matches food and fun. Maybe you can say no to her vegan cheese recipes, but you won’t be able to resist her smile.
Eat: Sweet potato parsnip bisque; kale kimchi salad; cherry walnut crumble.

Top photo: Alexanda Grabchilev

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