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Road Test: Online Yoga Classes

It’s not always easy to get to yoga class. Though you’d like to, travel, work, family, and life can get in the way of a daily practice. But with online yoga classes, you can take your practice with you wherever you go — or just stay home and get your om on.

We’ve tried a lot of different online yoga classes. Here are our favorites.

best online yoga classes - Gaia


How It Works: You pay for unlimited, on-demand content ($20 for three months, $95 for a year), and there’s a ton of high-quality programming beyond yoga classes to explore. Think: 7,000-plus videos on fitness, spiritual growth, alternative healing methods, and other related topics. We suggest budding yogis start with the two-part Morning Ritual series: Sunrise Yoga and Yoga Every Day. Sunrise Yoga releases 30-minute mindfulness practices twice weekly. Yoga Every Day releases 15-minute classes daily, Monday through Friday. The programs are meant to help users practice more frequently throughout the week. Once you feel ready, you can move on to other things.

Why We Love It: This is the gold standard for online yoga instruction and more (and we do mean more).

Rating: 5 oms

best online yoga classes - Do Yoga With Me


How It Works: From poses, to breathing techniques, to full classes, you have hundreds of options to choose from. The site offers 14- and 30-day challenges, along with the option to have videos emailed to you.

Why We Love It: Online yoga classes are categorized by difficulty and can be searched by length (so you can browse the 15-minute options if that’s all the time you have). Plus, everything here is free.

Rating: 4 oms

best online yoga classes - Yoga With Adriene

Yoga With Adriene

How It Works: Subscribe to this yogi’s YouTube channel and you won’t regret it. Adriene Mishler doesn’t take herself too seriously and has a very approachable, realistic practice. She uploads new content regularly and sometimes even streams live.

Why We Love It: Mishler reminds us of one of our best girlfriends. She keeps things light, while still being knowledgeable.

Rating: 4 oms

Yoga Download

How It Works: For just $12 per month, you have access to more than 1,000 yoga videos that you can stream anytime for as long as you want — there’s no cap on how many you can do a day. You can sign up for a package or challenge if you’re looking to stick to a more rigid schedule.

Why We Love It: You can check out the different styles and channels before having to pay anything. Bonus: You can read up on the instructors, too.

Rating: 4 oms

best online yoga classes - Cody


How It Works: Think instruct, inspire, and motivate — those are the key words used in this app’s tagline and it’s exactly what it offers. Though not all the videos are yoga, yoga workouts are a big focus. There are free workouts, as well as motivational videos to inspire your mind. If you like what you’re watching and doing, you can pay for more (prices vary).

Why We Love It: Being able to try before you buy is important when it comes to fitness. It’s not a one-size-fits-all thing, so we like that you’re offered a lot of free online yoga classes before shelling out the dough.

Rating: 4 oms

best online yoga classes - DailyBurn


How It Works: The website and app offer two yoga programs: Yoga Made Simple and Yoga. Yoga Made Simple is a 4-week, 16-day commitment to help you focus on the fundamentals and ease into a yoga practice. Yoga is a 30-day progression you can take at your own pace. The goal is to help increase mobility and flexibility through your practice. DailyBurn costs $15 per month after a free 30-day trial.

Why We Love It: The workouts are lead by renowned yogi Briohny Smyth, who has taught around the world for years.

Rating: 3 oms

best online yoga classes - Yogaglo


How It Works: After a short questionnaire about your experience level, what you’re looking to get out of the yoga instruction (restorative, strength, etc.), get a free 15-day trial (after that, it’s $18 per month). From your answers, a personalized practice is created for you and the site aggregates classes in your library that fit your goals.

Why We Love It: Personalization means you don’t have to sift through more than 4,000 classes — though you can if you want.

Rating: 3 oms

Disclosure: The author of this story was previously employed by DailyBurn and has produced content for the company.

Photo: Tetmc

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