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10 Health and Wellness Podcasts to Listen to Now

Though back-to-school is far from our rearview mirror, our yearning to learn has not diminished. Health and wellness are among our favorite subjects, as aging has become more about our wisdom and longevity rather than solely fighting wrinkles and stray grays. We at The Fine Line are all ears for podcasts that give us insight into our health, offer fitness motivation, and enlighten us about self-care.

Here are 10 wellness podcasts that we recommend.

Goop podcast


Regardless of your opinion of Gwyneth Paltrow, there is no denying that she has singlehandedly propelled the dialogue about wellness forward, expanding both our vocabularies and our awareness of our bodies and minds. As she personally strives to make every choice count and is fearless in bringing in experts (and so-called experts) to discuss self-care, we listen and learn with intent. Listen now.

Stronger podcast


Lighthearted yet incredibly informative, Stronger engages listeners with expert advice and practical tools. editors Michelle Vartan and Erin Mosbaugh helm the effort, demystifying health issues and bringing to life topics and concerns raised by readers of the website. In the first season, they have unmasked truths about getting entrapped by the spirituality industry, unhealthy foods that claim to be clean, coping with anxiety, embracing flaws, and the power of learning self-defense. Listen now.

Balanced Bites podcast

Balanced Bites

Two bestselling authors, Diane Sanfilippo (Practical Paleo, The 21-Day Sugar Detox) and Liz Wolfe (Eat the Yolks, The Purely Primal Skincare Guide), bring their nutritional expertise to this congenial podcast. They discuss every food-related topic you’ve deliberated: women’s hormones, body image, keto/paleo/macro diets, skin issues, fasting, blood sugar, carb confusion, adrenal fatigue, and so much more. Listen now.

Skincare Talkradio podcastjpg

Skincare Talkradio

With a soothing voice and soulful approach to engaging and educating, Host Cieloscent, a skin care expert/therapist, shares skin care expertise and holistic health care habits for greater wellness. Textbook knowledge of how the skin works, coupled with ongoing discussions and expert interviews bring us back again and again. Most recent provoking episodes: protein powder safety, Perricone’s 3-Day Diet, essential oils and photosensitivity, and healthy aging (aka “anti-aging” products do not exist). Listen now.

Nutrition Diva podcast

Nutrition Diva

Covering food as well as nutritional trends — the science behind mushroom coffee, the truth behind the Impossible burger, and whether fish oil is overrated, to give a few examples — is made engaging by registered dietician Monica Reinagel. In 10-minute bites, she addresses a single topic. Lately we enjoyed her exploration of postbiotics, an episode on rethinking drinking, and a discussion of how gymnemic acid kills sugar cravings. Listen now.

Dr Taz Show podcast

The Dr. Taz Show

Dr. Taz (aka Dr. Tasneem Bhatia) is a board-certified integrative medicine doctor and author who specializes in women’s health. Her takeaways draw from conventional medicine, Chinese and ayurvedic medicines, herbal therapies, and homeopathy. They empower our understanding of our minds and bodies and push us to ask better questions. Recent favorite episodes: gut health and intuitive eating, skin as a wellness marker, and stress and hormones. Listen now.

Ultimate Health podcast

The Ultimate Health Podcast

Hosted by an educated duo who have studied wellness extensively, via kinesiology and health sciences, personal training, culinary school, holistic nutrition, and clinical chiropracty, this podcast seeks to bring your health to the next level. Together, Dr. Jesse Chappus and Marni Wasserman address controversial topics and expose new ideas with leading experts. Most recently, stealth infections, emotional agility, the adrenal thyroid revolution, embracing adaptagens, and ayurveda for the modern world have compelled us to share. Listen now.

Flipping 50 Show podcast

The Flipping 50 Show

Dedicated to those who want to change how they age, host Debra Atkinson shares fitness and wellness resources along with health research. A wellness coach, motivational speaker, and author focused on fitness over 50, Atkinson’s enthusiasm informs while encouraging listeners toward greater vitality and better life choices. Listen now.

Balanced Blonde pdocast

The Balanced Blonde

When wellness blogger, yoga instructor, and holistic healing aficionado Jordan Younger brought her Balanced Blonde brand to the airwaves, she also introduced her compassion and curiosity in enlightening interviews with wellness gurus and entrepreneurial experts. Some of our favorite episodes include those with Sophie Jaffe, founder of Philosophie Superfoods; MindBodyGreen founder Jason Wachob; and integrative medicine pioneer Dr. Frank Lipman. Listen now.

Highway to Well podcast

Highway to Well

A new podcast from Erica Huss and Zoë Sakoutis, the powerhouse duo who sparked the cold-pressed juice movement with BluePrint in 2007, aims to uncover the “fads and faces of the evolving industry.” In a podcast that seems like it could balance out the sometimes questionable Goop, they chat with wellness entrepreneurs, medical experts, and health-focused trailblazers and influencers to provide need-to-know info. Listen now.

For more great podcasts, see our picks for a road trip. If you would rather read a book, go here.

Photos: Visual Spectrum; courtesy of the companies

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