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7 Awesome Yoga Retreats to Write Om About

Want to deepen your yoga practice? Escape the demands of everyday life? A yoga retreat could be calling your name. Not only will a new setting rejuvenate your spirit, you’ll connect with like-minded souls. Plus, there are the healthy meals you won’t have to prepare yourself, the restorative sleep you’re certain to experience, and the life-altering epiphanies you may have after connecting with your truest self. Consider these seven transformational possibilities.

Kripalu Center for Yoga - Best Yoga Retreats

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

The Location: Stockbridge, Massachusetts
The Lowdown: Kripalu runs dozens of yoga retreats every year, each tailored to a different style of yoga and ranging in length from two nights to 12 nights. That means no matter your schedule, you’ll be able to find something to fit your needs. You can also book its R&R retreat and choose the length of your stay and participate in daily yoga classes, YogaDance, educational seminars, and guided trail hikes, as the center is in the Berkshires overlooking Lake Mahkeenac. You’ll also have access to a labyrinth for walking meditation and a meditation garden.

Red Rock Yoga and Hiking - Best Yoga Retreats

Red Rock Yoga and Hiking Retreat

The Location: Goblin Valley State Park/Robber’s Roost Wilderness, Utah
The Lowdown: The Yoga in the Wild retreat takes your yoga practice to new heights — literally. You’ll stay at a basecamp in the canyons and then hike your way to your yoga class in Goblin Valley every day. Afternoons typically allow for free time. After dinner, participate in another yoga class and then settle in with other guests around a campfire. Vegetarian meals are provided throughout.

Nita Lake Lodge - Best Yoga Retreats

Nita Wellness Retreat

The Location: Nita Lake Lodge in Whistler, British Columbia
The Lowdown: There’s no better time than “you” time, something Nita Wellness Retreat recognizes. Here, it’s not just about yoga — the schedule includes five yoga classes in vinyasa, Ashtanga, restorative, and other styles — but your overall well-being. That’s why you also get four spa treatments, including a massage and facial, and a pass to the Scandinave Spa. And, of course, you’ll have access to the many activities Mother Nature provides.

Adler Tuscany Yoga Retreat - Best Yoga Retreats

Adler Thermae Resort Yoga Retreat

The Location: Tuscany, Italy
The Lowdown: Tuscany alone is reason enough to book your spot at a retreat in Italy’s leading wellness hotel, which has a world-class spa and more than 100 miles of walking trails. Four-day retreats are typically offered during three weeks in March, November, and December. They include seven yoga lessons 90 to 120 minutes long and time in the spa.

Pura Vida Yoga Retreat - Best Yoga Retreats

Pura Vida Retreat & Spa

The Location: Carrizal, Costa Rica
The Lowdown: This mountaintop resort, positioned 4,900 feet above sea level and occupying more than 7 acres, hosts a variety of yoga retreats throughout the year — mostly weeklong events. Or you can just book dates that work best for you and take twice-daily yoga classes (except on Wednesdays). There are several eco-adventures you can participate in, too, including a coffee field walk and Cloud Forest canopy adventure.

Ashiyana Yoga Retreat - Best Yoga Retreats

Ashiyana Retreat Centre

The Location: Goa, India
The Lowdown: Whether you prefer a holiday with some yoga built in or a designated yoga retreat, Ashiyana, which is open October through April, can take care of you. For yoga holiday guests, the beachfront resort features twice-daily yoga classes and guided meditation at least once a day. Yoga takes place in a yoga shala set within the ground’s gardens. (You can also practice for free in a shala on your own.) You’ll get two buffet meals per day and access to the resort’s creative activities (like concerts) and workshops such as creative writing and expressive painting.

Belize Yoga Retreat - Best Yoga Retreats

Belize Yoga Eco-Adventure Retreat

The Location: A mountain resort and a private island, Belize (exact properties vary)
The Lowdown: An American expat couple runs Belize Yoga, which coordinates with experienced American yoga teachers to arrange vacations that give you time in the jungle and time on the beach. The weeklong retreats are held several times a year and include twice daily yoga outside by the water, healthy meals, a Mayan ruin tour, a caving expedition, and snorkeling on the world’s second-largest barrier reef. There’s also plenty of time to just lie in a hammock and read.

Photos: Courtesy of the companies

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